3/7/19 Naer Vaer: w/ MIPOPS, Torin Kovach, Ravenna Strings Nordic Museum, Seattle

5/12/18 Puget Soundtrack: PFTB performs SlowTV Northwest Film Forum, Seattle

1/11/18 Puget Soundtrack: PFTB performs Moon Northwest Film Forum, Seattle

6/8/17 Albedo w/ Ravenna String Quartet & Torin Kovach Generations Gallery, Seattle



Postcard from the Badlands is a four member new music ensemble that explores the intersection of americana, modern chamber music, and instrumental rock. The ensemble creates layered and dusty sonic landscapes, inspired by the tension, melancholy, and elation of great film music. 

The group has played together for four years in the Seattle area, appearing at venues like the Tractor Tavern and Washington Hall, performing in collaboration with visual artists and landscape artists, and composing for short film


Press Kit:               Download

Contact:                postcardfromthebadlands@gmail.com


Members:              Christian Runge — Steel, Electric, Acoustic Guitars

                              Vince Chan — Pianos, Double Bass, Electric Bass

                              Ryan Burt — Drums, Percussion

                              Lauren McShane — Cello


Collaborators:        Jordan Reichman
                              Natalie Mai Hall
                              Maximillian Foley
                              Lizzy Rose
                              Aaron McDonnell